grew up on a horse farm in New Jersey—running through the woods, swimming, singing and dancing in the kitchen to Annie Lennox and Sade, as my mom made dinner—these are the images that create the memories of my childhood. And like so many singer/songwriters before me, my first memory of singing was in church. My grandfather was a Methodist minister and having that gospel influence at such an early age takes deep root.


Alongside going to horse shows and the shore, I was continually being exposed to music, from WXPN 88.5 concerts to a singer/songwriter cruise when I was 10 years old, featuring Emmy Lou Harris and Brandie Carlile. Music has been THE constant in my life for as long as I can remember.

I value being a participant in life—that's what music and singing does for me most, it grounds me in the moment while channeling my soul and beliefs into something that can affect change. I believe in the power of spirituality and time spent alone in nature but I am passionate about taking action which is what I hope to accomplish through my music.

I recently played festivals and clubs throughout the greater Philadelphia area before spending the past year traveling, expanding my horizons and finding inspiration from Japan to London. I am now back on the east coast writing and recording a new album . . . developing my signature style of sultry soul.